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Turmeric – A Natural Solution to Pain

Living with chronic aches and pains is never fun. Pain-relieving medications may help dull the pain temporarily but come with a host of side...

Is joint pain getting you down?

Facing down hip or knee surgery is daunting as well as stressful. Joint replacement surgery has become commonplace. Many people go through it with flying colors and are up and around in no time. Others struggle to recover.

Here Are the Best Foods to Keep That Pep in Your...

A wise man (Ben Franklin) once said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we agree. Your diet goes a long way in helping you keep your joints healthy and strong. In particular, anti-inflammatory diets go a long way in ensuring that your joints are in top-notch shape. However, before we dive in, we would like to advise that these foods do not work instantly, so consistency is key. So here are some of the foods you can eat to help keep that pep in your step.